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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Store Are We? A family owned business, selling clothes for over 18 years. To avoid disappointments in orders please check our Colors Specs Inventory link at the bottom of our product description, to be sure your order is present in our warehouse and on its way to you the same day.

2. How Do I Pay For My Purchase?  We accept most credit debit cards. We also accept checks and money orders.  You will be invoiced to pay for your order if not paying by check or money order through Square.Com by way of PNC Bank.   

3. What Do We Sell?  We sell discount hats and clothing that's quality driven. 

4. Do We Sell Wholesale?  No, but our prices are low or lower than most and very competitive.

5. Is There A Minimum Purchase Requirement?  Although our prices are very much below retail, there are no minimum purchase requirements. 

6. Do I Pay Sales Tax?  Yes. 7% of what you order! 

7. Do We Deliver To Canada And Other Countries? NO!!

8.  What Is The Approximate Shipping Time On All Of Our Products And How Do We Ship?  3-5 business days by UPS any way you want and sometimes FedX with tracking.

9. Do Products From Active Hats And Things Come With A Guarantee?  Yes.  We also have a (7) seven day return/refund policy which means upon your receipt of the package and you do not want it, you have seven days to return it back to us in the same or equivalent packaging.  Clothing must not look worn. 

10. What Are Our Store Hours?  We are open 9AM to 5PM EST five days a week but you can order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

11. What Can I Do If I Need Help After Store Hours?  Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bandys Activewear-Active Hats And Things
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We have no high end or specialized options, except that we offer more for less
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